DeVilbiss GTi Pro LITE Spraygun

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DeVilbiss GTi Pro LITE Spraygun *Cutting Edge Performance* UK's no.1 most popular in bodyshops

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DeVilbiss GTi Pro LITE Gravity Feed Spraygun

Developed for busy professional painters needing the ultimate in quality finishes.
Ergonomic gun body design.
Ultra high flow fluid tips provide superb versatility across a range of viscosities.
Revolutionary air valve design gives smoother feel for even greater air and paint control for ease of fade-outs and blend-ins.
Simplified, user friendly components provide easy cleaning and maintenance.
Precision engineered using lightweight and durable alloy components for a tough spraygun that is 25% lighter than the GTi Pro Digital.
Enhanced ergonomics combined with the GTi Pro’s legendary fit and feel ensure incredible handling and balance.
A coaxial linear air valve eliminates the need for separate air and fluid control valves for a smooth, kick-free trigger action, easy cleaning and maintenance.
Four advanced atomisation technology air caps for perfect paint performance in all climatic conditions.

GTi Pro Lite sprayguns are available in blue, black or gold! See dropdown for selection.

Every spraygun comes with a 1.3mm setup and a spare 1.2mm or 1.4mm nozzle to suit your needs in the spray booth. See dropdown for your selection. Also, the 'base' and 'clear' stamp on the sprayguns has been removed making it simpler for the end user to allocate a spraygun to specific application or material other than Base or Clear, such as direct gloss, wet on wet etc.

PLEASE NOTE - there are four air caps to choose from that affect the way that the gun sprays. These are:

T110 - Clearcoat (higher solids) and super smooth finishing

High performance Trans-Tech atomisation technology best suited to clearcoating and glosses.
This aircap brings new levels of performance, particularly in the application of the latest compliant clearcoats.
It also scores highly in its ability to eradicate dimple defects that can occur with low solvent clearcoats; does not have the same transfer efficiency of the other caps though.
As OEM finishes are not that smooth, does not always suit such as when using lower solid technology.
Particularly suited to classic car finishers or industrial applications as it applies like glass.
Air consumption: 9.4cfm- 265l/min.

TE20 - Faster flow gloss/lacquer

All round gloss / clearcoat gun.
Flow rate and fan pattern lend themselves towards a wetter application style.
Compliant trans-tech high transfer efficiency (but not HVLP)
Fluid tip sizes available: 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4. For 2K gloss / clear the 1.3 is by far the most popular choice and is recommended by the majority of paint manufacturers for their HS 2K products.
Atomisation Technology: High Efficiency
Air Flow L/min: 360 (12.7 cfm)
Fluid g/m: 170 - 200
Pattern Height: 285 - 300mm

HV25 - HVLP higher solids clearcoats and solvent & waterborne basecoats

Positioned between the TE20 and HV30 air caps
A 'hybrid' of high efficiency and HVLP combining to be one of the best performing air caps to date
Larger and straighter sided fan pattern significantly aids overlapping to improve gloss levels and clearcoat
Produces perfect metallic control basecoats
Ideal for higher solid clearcoats and solvent & waterborne basecoats

HV30 - HVLP Max Transfer efficiency

This aircap delivers maximum transfer efficiency rates so is particularly suitable for waterborne basecoat application.
Air Flow L/min: 460 (16.3 cfm)
Fluid g/m: 160 - 190
Pattern Height: 300 - 325mm

TE10 - Solvent & all rounder

Trans-tech high transfer efficiency, not HVLP and best suits solvent basecoat - though can be used for waterbased and also lacquer - this is a good all rounder to do multiple tasks.
Suits basecoat application in a more traditional (non HVLP) style.
Particularly suits solvent basecoats however is sometimes favoured / recommended by some paint companies for waterborne basecoat application.
This is a 'Trans-tech' air cap, which is compliant but is not HVLP. This means the spray pattern is more eliptical (squat/rounded) than the open flat (wide fan width) pattern found on the H1 air cap. See info pack button above for more info.
Atomisation Technology: High Efficiency
Air Flow L/min: 270 (9.5 cfm)
Fluid g/m: 160 - 190
Pattern Height: 290 - 310mm

The boxed kit includes:

The complete anodized gun - Available in colours; black, blue or gold
Gravity cup with paint filter
Set of four coloured identification rings
Torx driver/screwdriver
Cleaning brush
Combination spanner
Instruction/spare parts manual

Technical Specifications

Cup Capacity: 560ml
Weight (gun only): 446g
Weight (gun & cup): 629g
Air Cap: Plated Brass
Air Cap Retaining Ring: Clear Anodised aluminium
Fluid Tips: Stainless Steel
Fluid Needle: Stainless Steel
Air Inlet Thread: 1/4” Universal


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DeVilbiss GTi Pro LITE Spraygun

DeVilbiss GTi Pro LITE Spraygun

DeVilbiss GTi Pro LITE Spraygun *Cutting Edge Performance* UK's no.1 most popular in bodyshops